About This Ministry

Haven’t you always heard that there are 3 sides to every story? Well it’s true! There’s your story, the story of those around you, and the most important story…God’s. The Book of Ashley illustrates my story with the hopes of encouraging others to live boldly for God, against all odds.

#TBOA was curated to foster love, encourage your light to shine, and educate you on how to level up spiritually! Oh, and it’s not only about you- but everyone else that is attached to you too. When you win, so do they. This ministry is continuously evolving, offering diverse outlets to live out God’s best for us all. I believe that our passions can fuel the desires God has placed in our hearts, which is why you will see a variety of events, blog posts, and media selections to aid you on this journey.

Great freedom comes from knowing who you are in God and accepting it wholeheartedly. As we walk together, I plead that you will never forget that God loves you. SO much that someone was sent to die so that we could live fully.

Like every great story- there’s a beginning, middle, and end. God gave you your beginning. Allow this Spirit in the middle so that we can witness the full grace of true Love in the end.