My Story

My Story

Passionate. Transparent. Talented. Animated. Spiritual. Encouraging. Real. Inspirational. Honest. Open. Love-able. Always classy…but can get a little hood if she needs to.

There are many words that could describe my identity, but the most important will always be who GOD says I am. So who is that person, you ask? A specialist at embracing life’s best + worst moments. A victor whose trials + tribulations never outweigh her triumph. A woman who thought she’d be the last person called to minister to someone else- yet, here I am.

If you are looking for the the typical cookie-cutter, ruffled socks, high-heeled wearing Christian, you won’t find her here. You can catch me at the altar, dancing in the middle of Negril Village during Sunday brunch, or even getting my old-school vibes on at Criminal Records in Little 5 Points. I’m human just like you, but what sets me a part is that I know my calling and have chosen to walk in it confidently.

Great freedom comes from knowing who you are in God and accepting it wholeheartedly. As we walk together, I plead that you will never forget that God loves you. SO much that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was sent to die so that we could live fully. Like every great story- there’s a beginning, middle, and end. God gave us a beginning. If we let Him in the middle, we can witness the full grace of true Love in the end.

Fun Facts

Age: Quarter of a century

Hometown: $outhside of ATL

Past Schoolage: B.B.A in Hospitality, Minor in Music Management (Georgia State University)

Current Schoolage: MDiv + MRE Candidate (Interdenominational Theological Center/ITC)

Favorite Song: Candy- Cameo